sábado, 6 de septiembre de 2014

Novedades sobre el proyecto de Malick

y por fin que podemos tener algun detalle más sobre esta peli que ya nos viene provocando desde hace más de un año.
NOTA: solo extraigo lo referente a la peli donde trabajó Fassy, en el link encuentran más proyectos de este director http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/what-we-know-terrence-malicks-725908

4. The Untitled Austin Film is about love triangles and music
The logline for the film originally known as Lawless (Malick gave that title to director John Hillcoat) is, "Two intersecting love triangles and a story of sexual obsession and betrayal set against Austin's vibrant and colorful music scene."
Starting with the intersecting love triangles, we know based on unauthorized set photos that Ryan Gosling gets intimate with both Blanchett and Rooney Mara, while Michael Fassbender has onscreen relations with Mara and marries Portman's character.
On the music front, Malick's obsession with classical music is well known, but with this Untitled Austin Film it would appear he is trading in the violins for guitars. The film is not merely set against the backdrop of the Austin music scene but was largely shot on stage, backstage and in the crowds of the indie rock world. The music website Pitchfork has an exhaustive list of sightings of Malick and his stars at concerts, with highlights including Patti Smith serenading Mara, Bale playing the bongos with The Fleet Foxes and Val Kilmer singing with The Black Lips, while also taking a chainsaw to an amp and cutting his hair with a knife.
Here's a clip of Kilmer rechanneling his best Jim Morrison. You also might recognize Mara pretending to play guitar and sneaking off to the side for an intimate moment with someone who looks remarkably like Fassbender.
5. Is the Untitled Austin Film almost done?
It was originally announced that both narrative projects would be cut simultaneously, and Edwards did indicate both films would be ready this year; beyond that there are no other indicators the Untitled Austin Film is near completion.