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X-Men: 14 Reasons Why The James McAvoy And Michael Fassbender BROMANCE Is All We Can Think About


Not that we ever doubted it but the Michael Fassbender/James McAvoy bromance is most definitely still ON!

The BFFs walked the blue carpet at the London premiere of X-Men: Days of Future Past tonight, which was really just an excuse for Magneto and Xavier to flirt outrageously and make us fall even more in love with them.

The Fassavoy bromance is really the stuff that dreams are made of [Rex]

But to prove that their love is the real deal, here are just a few of the more beautiful moments between our favourite duelling duo.


1. When presenter Laura Whitmore asked Fassbender what he thought of McAvoy and he said, "I really have a dislike for that man". Liar!

As if we'd ever believe Fassbender and McAvoy weren't BFF [Yahoo]

2. But really we knew what was in his heart was nothing but love for his Scottish brother.

3. When Fassbender confirmed that not only was James great, but that they really are best buds. "We formed a real friendship on First Class and we just picked up where we left off".

Look at them in their little suits, having a wee hug! [Getty]

4. "He's great. He's mischevious, he's fun, he's talented, he's generous." Oh just get a room already!

5. When Jonathan Ross asked the McAvoy question we were all thinking: "Do we finally get to see you and Fassbender kiss?"

James McAvoy talks Michael Fassbender kiss and leaves us all breathless... [Yahoo]
6. "Maybe an air kiss. Or an eskimo kiss."

ESKIMO KISSES. Between these two beauties. [Getty]

7. But James reckons Michael will have to wine and dine him a little more, he's obviously not that kind of girl. "He's gonna need to buy me dinner a few more times first."

8. When Ian McKellan revealed that he, Patrick Stewart, Michael Fassbender AND James McAvoy have all played Macbeth. Sigh, they're so talented.

Two Magnetos, two Xaviers, a whole lotta X-Men love [Yahoo]

9. When McKellan described Fassavoy as "rambunctious but very attractive". Right there with ya, Sir Ian.

10. Oh and you know the time when Jonathan Ross asked Fassbender if he'd be up for a little McAvoy smooch and he only bloody broke into song!

And not just any song. The ultimate boner jam that is 'Sometimes When We Touch' by Dan Hill. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

11. Of course, the inevitable cross over with our other favourite bromance - Sir Ian McKellan and Sir Patrick Stewart.

12. That time when they all posed together but Sir Ian was clearly trying to give Fassbender some deep life lesson.The boys are back in town [Getty]

13. The hilarious joke that Patrick Stewart and Michael Fassbender shared that we will never hear. #gutted.

Oh to be in on that joke... [Getty]
14. McKellan and Fassbender messing about while Stewart and McAvoy pose professionally. That's SO Magneto.

Obviously McKellan and Fassbender are the naughty ones [Getty]
So there you have it. Fassavoy the bromance of all bromances lives on. 

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