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Michael y Hugh bailaban con Blurred Lines


Hugh and Michael's blurred times on X-Men

Hugh Jackman and Michael Fassbender in X-Men
Hugh and Michael in X-Men
Rex Feat
Published: 17 hrs ago

TWO hot guys dressed as characters from a superhero film cavorting to Blurred Lines – now there’s an image for the ladies...

HUGH JACKMAN has revealed he and MICHAEL FASSBENDER danced around to ROBIN THICKE’s hit in between shooting scenes for the latest X-Men flick.

Hugh told us: “Michael was particularly enamoured with the video to Blurred Lines.

“Which version? I think we all know what one… he was very taken.”

And it wasn’t Robin’s role in the music promo that they copied, but those of the naked models.

Sadly the pair kept their kit on – their Wolverine and Magneto get-ups from X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

‘We’d strut about’ Hugh explained: “I used to play the song in between takes on the X-Men set. It was a lot of fun. Everyone would just go into character and we’d be strutting around. It was identical to the video but we’d be mutants.”

A lot of people would pay good money to see that.

JAMES McAVOY got in on the action too, impressing Hugh with his vocal range.

Hugh continued: “I didn’t need to take the high bits. You’d be surprised what talented singers Michael and James are. They could get up there.”

It all seems a bit Sound Of Music on set as JEN LAWRENCE and NICHOLAS HOULT were involved too. And when they wrapped filming for the day, the cast enjoyed more than a few nights in the local.

Hugh said: “Michael, James and I. That’s a Scot, an Irishman and an Aussie… there is no greater team.”